Perhaps you have done your homework and know that solar is one of the ideal ways to save money on electricity if you are planning to get solar panels.

For those who don’t know, many years ago, solar owners not only purchase less energy from the utility company. They also get paid for their surplus solar power going back into the grid.

However, the story is a little different if you are getting solar in 2020. Still, solar panels are one of the ideal ways to save money. However, the method it saves you money is changing.

Solar Panels and a Battery for the Future

Batteries for your solar system store the surplus solar energy your panels are producing during the day to use later. Thus, you can power your house with free power 24/7. It can also save on electricity and lower the amount of energy you require.

Energy Security

If you live in a region with harsh climate conditions, you might always experience frequent power outages for hours. However, if you’ve got a batter connected to your solar panel system, you will have energy security even if the power goes out or if the utility company is not stable.

Utilize Your Own Solar Power

Of course, it makes a lot of sense to focus on using as much solar power in your house as possible if you are paying 3 times more to purchase energy in the evening than you are getting for your solar exports during the day.

However, this may have you thinking if solar is actually worth it.

The truth is that electricity prices have been gradually increasing. For those who don’t know, the prices for energy have already skyrocketed around 120% between 2008 to 2018. That is why getting a solar panel system, lowering the amount of energy you’ve got to purchase, and using free solar power in your house is an ideal way to save money.

So, how can you utilize your own free solar power at night when the sun is not shining? Well, the answer is a battery.

Making the Most of Your Energy

Almost every homeowner utilizes most of their energy in the evenings and early mornings. Usually, electricity is needed before and after working hours. Solar panel systems gather the most amount of power during the most direct sunlight. Typically, this happens during mid-day. If you’ve got a battery connected to your solar panel system, you can easily store the additional power generated during peak sun hours rather than feeding it back to the grid. Any additional solar power that is generated during the day can be stored in the battery, with the combination of storage and solar.

You can utilize the power that is stored in the battery to lower the amount of electricity that you utilize from the grid during expensive peak hours when utility rates are the highest. If you add a battery to your solar panel system, you can make the most of the energy you’re already generating.